Every workout has been carefully and cleverly designed by our professional fitness instructors to give you a first class experience! 
Based on the SCHWINN principle of keeping indoor cycling as close to as you would ride outdoors our CYCLE classes fuse music and movement to absorb you in a truly enjoyable workout. All our cycle instructors are passionate, dedicated and trained to at least SCHWINN bronze level. This body transforming indoor cycling programme offers everyone a fast, effective and enjoyable workout with a variety of class types to keep your workouts fresh, effective, but most importantly what could be better than burning up to 600 calories whilst having fun! 
BoxFit - a cardiovascular workout focusing on the upper body. Using pads and gloves this boxing based training also includes skipping, footwork and abdominal workouts. 
Bike and Box Circuits - small group interval training which includes indoor cycling, boxfit and body weight exercies to get the heart rate pumping, work you all over and test the upper level of your fitness abilities.  
Pilates - a system of exercises designed to strengthen the human mind and body. Joseph Pilates believed that mental and physical health are inter-related. Following six key principles of Pilates, concentration, control, centring, flow of movement, precision and rhythm will improve your posture, strength and flexibility. 
Barre Pilates - ballet based workout lifts, tones and sculpts you to perfection. Our barre classes are high intensity aerobic workouts to music with easy to follow choreography.  
BootyZone - a focused low impact workout for those key areas of legs, bum and core. Mixing light cardio, resistence traiing using body weight, bands and other equipment and pilates you will get a strong and challenging workout leaving you firm and toned . 
Yogalates - combining the benefits of Yoga & Pilates, an exercise that delivers both strength and flexibility. The workout integrates mind-body connection and energy. To allow for an element of relaxation yogalates classes are 70 minutes long. 
Our ambition is to help you develop a strong body, sharp mind and discover new levels of health and vitality by creating the perfect environment for a community to connect, share experiences and support each other. With a maximum of 18 in cycling classes and 8-12 in all other classes our clients get the attention and focus to help them deliver against their fitness goals 
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