Low impact yet highly effective classes to build your strength, add length to muscles and create tone. 
A system of exercises designed to strengthen the body and mind. Joseph Pilates believed that mental and physical health are interrelated. Following six key principles of concentration, control, centring, flow of movement, precision and rhythm will improve your posture, strength and flexibility. 
Barre Fitness 
Inspired by ballet is a low impact yet high intensity workout that will lift, tone and sculp. Incorporating a element of aerobics to music you will then focus on easy to follow conditioning and toning exercises using the ballet bar and other equipment to add stability and yet challenge you to go deeper. 
Our signature lower body workout. Focusing on light resistance work using bands, blocks and light weights for a controlled workout that will build strength in the legs and tone your core. 
Combining the relaxing elements of yoga with the strengthening and stretching of Pilates we round off the week with this lovely session every Sunday. 
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