Silverzone at Cyclezone 
Maybe you're a little bit late to the party with your fitness regime or have simply got out of practice as you've got older. Silzerzone at Cyclezone is a new initiative to help people keep active in their older years. Open to all levels, our Silverzone classes are designed to be low impact, low intensity, easy to follow workouts and also not missing out on the important social aspect. 
SilverCycle - Wednesdays 2:30pm 
Low intensity cycle class, you'll spend longer in the saddle with no fancy moves and is designed to give you a workout at a lower level. Our qualified instructors will guide you through everything and help you with bike set up. 45mins long. 
SilverTone - Tuesdays 2:30pm 
Low impact toning class with cardio, light weights work, balance, coordination and stretching. The class is all conducted standing with no mat work. 45mins long. 
FREE in February 2020 
We're opening up our SilverTone classes for free in February - you are not limited to the number of classes so come along as often as you like. 
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