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The benefits of indoor cycling shoes... 
Indoor cycling is a great activity for burning calories, toning muscle, losing weight and improving endurance. At Cyclezone, we believe so strongly in the benefits of indoor cycling that we have devoted our life’s ambitions to the practice. But if you’re not wearing the right shoes, you may not be experiencing the maximum benefit for your efforts.  
Shoes aren’t some fashion accessory. They are a necessary part of the indoor cycling experience. If you’re still wearing trainers consider just a few reasons why cycling shoes are a must have: 
Muscle Balance 
Cycling shoes are specially cleated to clip into the pedals of the bike. By using the toe clips you engage more leg muscles, resulting in balanced toning and strengthening. Muscle balance is crucial for any workout, and cycling shoes ensure that you always activate all the right muscles. 
Increased Power 
Clycling shoes are designed with a stiff sole, which transfers more power from the leg to the bike during cycling sessions. As a result, you achieve stronger pedal strokes and a more rigorous workout, while maintaining full control the entire time. When you start pedaling with a pair of authentic cycling shoes, you can feel the difference instantly. 
Maximum Comfort 
Let’s face it. Exercise sessions are no fun if you’re forced to endure 60 minutes or more in total discomfort. That’s why cycling shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Cycling shoes allow you to feel like you’re riding on air. 
When you enjoy a cycling lifestyle, you’re not the only one who gets a workout. Your shoes take quite a bit of abuse as well, and that’s why it’s so important to find shoes that can stand up to the rigors of cycling. With firm cleats, strong but breathable fabrics, and specially designed soles, cycling shoes can stand up to any indoor cycling effort, no matter how strenuous. 
Make the Switch 
If you’d like to experience the difference in using a real cycling shoe, speak to one us in the studio where we can provide you with a selection in the studio, or we can order them for you. We especially recommend the TIEM shoe, handcrafted for comfort and durability. We also carry other Spinning® shoes for women and men, and all are designed to be a cut above your typical cycling shoes. 
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